Elliott Data Systems Asset Manager

Identifying your EMA’s assets & tracking usage just got easier!


ASSET MANAGER is a custom solution designed to help manage and track your inventory and supplies. Anything from PCs, to fire extinguishers, to night vision goggles can be tagged, barcoded, and tracked with ASSET MANAGER.

Any item, especially ones purchased with Grant Funds, can be tagged and assigned to a department or agency. When its time to do inventory or produce a usage report for federal reimbursement, ASSET MANAGER gives you the ability to quickly and easily generate reports detailing who has used or is currently using your assets. ASSET MANAGER is just one of the Elliott modules that help first responders manage information. This software can be integrated with other software such as Event Manager.


  • Tracks products by department, grant and purchase date.
  • Use a handheld device for quick & easy inventory tracking.
  • Produce asset labels using an ISG heavy duty printer.
  • Generate asset reports for accountability of State and Federal Grant Purchases.
  • Generate a log for products being loaned to other departments or users.

  • Entrust
  • AMT Datasouth
  • HID
  • BadgePass
  • Elliott
  • Zebra