Elliott Data Systems Construction Site Manager

Managing a Construction Site

The Construction Site Manager (CSMS) is a complete solution designed to help manage personnel at a construction site quickly and securely. Identify, authenticate, track and report on all personnel at a job site with a system that meets the requirements of tracking documented workers. Information can be viewed in real-time and accessed remotely through web access. Construction Site Manager is flexible and can be tailored to meet specific needs based on different requirements.



  • Track safety test and contact information.
  • Easily share information with corporate headquarters while on-site.
  • Improve security and risk management.
  • Quickly capture data from a driver's license or state issued ID to produce IDs for visitors.
  • Accurately track on-site personnel for customer audits and reports as needed.
  • Track and manage attainable assets.
  • Attach I9s and other pertinent documents.
  • Entrust
  • AMT Datasouth
  • HID
  • BadgePass
  • Elliott
  • Zebra