Entrust Card Delivery DX5100 System DX5100 Standalone Card Delivery System

Multiple forces are driving landmark changes in high-volume card operations. Smaller job sizes, EMV issuance, one-to-one marketing, labor costs, data security and changing consumer behaviors and preferences create new challenges — and new opportunities — for high-volume card issuance operations. One of the most critical decisions you will make in the coming months centers on card delivery. A key to this choice and flexibility is the new Entrust® DX5100™ card delivery system. This stand-alone system sets industry standards for quality, reliability and security. It also sets the standard for real-world productivity. Pure rated speed is not a true measure of productivity. The true measure is how a system handles the realities of today’s high-volume operations — including smaller job sizes, quick turns and lots of finely targeted messages for consumers. The new DX5100 system gives you this real-world productivity, plus the advantages of a common platform.

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