Entrust MX6000

On its own, the Entrust® MX6000™ card issuance system is a technological marvel. In your hands, it is the driving force behind tremendous leaps in efficiency, productivity and profitability. Innovative printing capabilities let you reduce card inventories and bring highly differentiated cards to market in days, rather than weeks. High-speed contact and contactless smart card personalization modules simplify smart card issuance. A card delivery system turns every mailing into a revenue-generating or brand-building opportunity. You can issue sophisticated secure IDs to fight fraud and forgery. And the list goes on.


  • An intuitive graphical user interface simplifies training and a Windows® operating system provides exceptionally strong data security. Networking is easy, too. Enhance the system with manufacturing efficiency solutions or smart card management software from Entrust to achieve incredible productivity.
  • Artista® VHD retransfer color printing technology brings near-lithographic quality printing inline and adds amazing speed, control and cost-savings to your operations. Direct-to-card color and monochrome printing delivers high-quality results. Also, you can create secure and attractive cards with the system’s highly advanced laser engraving and graphics printing capabilities.
  • The MX6000 system elevates a seemingly mature technology to a whole new level. The precision, flexibility and speed of the embossing, indent printing and topping modules will surprise you — and enhance both the speed of your operations and the appearance of your cards.
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