Entrust MX2000

Designed to produce high-quality cards with exceptional efficiency, the Entrust® MX2000™ card issuance system is a smart choice for cost-conscious card issuers worldwide. This modular system includes the essential technologies you need to personalize cards with high productivity and reliability at speeds up to 1,200 cards per hour. Start with the capabilities you need today, then expand the MX2000 system as your needs evolve. No matter what configuration you choose, the MX2000 system delivers many of the same operational advantages as our higher-volume card issuance systems for an extremely competitive price.


  • The MX2000 system uses a familiar Windows® operating system and an easy-to-navigate graphical user interface to simplify training and operation.
  • Print high-quality text, bar codes, logos and other monochrome images that enhance the visual appeal of every card you issue.
  • The MX2000 system helps ensure card quality with consistent, highly accurate embossing and indent printing. Color topping enhances readability and the appearance of embossed characters.
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